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  • MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and has been the rage among electronic musicians, because it's a powerful tool for composing. It allows musicians to be more creative on stage and in the studio, it allows composers to write music that no human could ever perform, and, it allows the distribution of music in a standard format. MIDI is a standard communications protocol that allows electronic musical instruments to 'talk' to each other.

    In it's early days, MIDI sounded like a cheap low quality form of musical imitation, but with the development of better equipment, samplers and sound cards, it has become the choice for musicians around the world. MIDI composers (known as sequences)became more proficient and quality continued to improve. Commercial companies came along and created and distributed these MIDIS...or MIDI files. Unfortunately, many of these files began appearing on Internet web sites and newsgroups.

    While listeners were thrilled about finding these treasures, the companies (and music publishers) were not since they were now being illegally distributed from one person to another. The companies were losing sales and the Artists were losing royalties.


    Is there is a solution? was created out of a distinct desire to resolve and preserve two distinct issues on the Internet. Many unlicensed websites operating illegally are posting MIDI files with the idea that they are "file sharing" with the public. However, the demands of the music industry, and compensation to the artists, publishers, composers and record companies are not being met. BENGKELMIDI preserves the act of file sharing (between BENGKELMIDI and it's members) and at the same time provides compensation to the artists for the use of the "underlying" music. BENGKELMIDI are professional quality digital audio sequences.

    BENGKELMIDI are different than other sequences you have heard. We sequence different than others. Some may even believe that our formula is unorthodox...but we don't care! For example, sometimes we'll use 2 separate sounds to create another sound that wouldn't be possible without doing it this way. How about using a piccolo fade in to simulate guitar feedback? Or cutting out guitar notes to preserve polyphony? Those are just a couple of our methods. The result is not just a MIDI, it's a BENGKELMIDI.

    Our sequences faithfully reproduce the actual underlying music and are perfect for performances by musicians, or just listening to by the casual music fan. Each MIDI contains complete vocal accompaniment, which can easily be muted for voiceovers/karaoke. Every MIDI is so incredibly detailed, you may even think you're listening to the original tune!

    In addition to having the option of purchasing each MIDI individually, has a membership option. To obtain the MIDIS, you pay a nominal membership fee and are granted access. From your fees, we cover the cost of creating and licensing the MIDIs, and other related costs to the operation of the site. Prior to joining, you may sample any MIDI without charge to decide if membership is right for you. Although some folks may simply require 1 or 2 MIDIs, most will find that membership is an incomparible value!

    But doesn't end at MIDI. We have created BENGKELMIDI MP3s, recorded versions of our MIDIs, perfect for musicians looking for an end product without the need for expensive equipment. You can pick these up either individually, or in multi-packs. And in addition to MIDI music, we offer MIDI and Music gear, Sheet Music, CD's, and more. These are available to non-members as well as members. Visit us and see for yourself how we enhance the sound of the net!



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