Samples of our work


For a copyright reasons we do not put an example here. But if you are a serious customer, we will send you samples of our work directly to your email. The work that we send are in the form of examples of music that we do with the MIDI standard, we've mixed into MP3, and form a separate music tracks, consisting of tracks bass, drums, guitar, strings and other instruments are added every track we have converted into an audio file. But we guarantee that all of it is a processed form of standard MIDI files, and so we guarantee its authenticity. In the email we send you will also get a price quote from us. Cost depends on the length of the song, the number of musical instruments in the song as well as the level of difficulty of the song (how every musical instrument played). For example, a jazz song with a duration of 2 minutes is not necessarily cheaper if dibandandingkan with ordinary pop music duration of 5 minutes. Hereinafter please send an email to that comes in your details to make sure that I sent a sample of my work to the right people. 




  Sha la la la


  Simple Love

 Alison Krauss

  The Lucky One

 Alison Krauss

  Wagoon Wheel


  You're Still You

 Josh Groban

  Dancing Queen


  Skimming Stones

 Justin Hayward

  Let Me Be The One

 Nicolette Larson

  De Javu

 Phil Perry

  Poker Face

 Lady Gaga

  When Love Takes Over

 David Gueta Ft Kelly Rowland

  Ayo Technology


  Left To My Own Devices

 Petshop Boys


 Talk Talk

  Living By Number

 New Music

  Fade To Grey


  Old Dirt Road

 John Lennon

  Pagan Baby

 Creedence Clearwater Revival






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